So what IS 'Pray & Praise'?

It's basically what it says on the tin - we're a group of Christians who meet together with no other purpose than to pray and praise. It's an open meeting - meaning that there's no order of service, no list of hymns, no formal readings and no formal leader. Each meeting develops its own theme as the Holy Spirit leads folks to share Bible readings, songs they've heard or blessings they've had, with the rest of us.

We also take time out to learn new songs and enjoy each other's company

What this adds up to in practice is a warm, caring atmosphere, with moments of deep reflection and a sense of sheer joy in knowing the risen Jesus. 

The next meeting will be on Friday, 22nd March at 7pm and we'll be meeting in the main Church building. Feel free to come along and share with us in a celebration of what God is doing for us right now. We'll be delighted to see you!


Here's a preview of some of the music we've found for you on Friday evening.




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